ReBioLup is an international prospective endeavour conducted within the frame of the Lupus Nephritis Trials Network. ReBioLup is endorsed by the European Lupus Society (SLEuro) and the European Renal Association (ERA). The main objective of this randomised trial is to evaluate whether therapeutic decisions steered by the results of a per-protocol repeat kidney biopsy contribute to an increased proportion of patients who attain complete renal response after two years of immunosuppressive therapy, and deceleration of renal function loss in the long run.  

Enrolment in ReBioLup started in January 2022, and the target is to include 206 patients. Multiple centers across Europe, South America, Canada, and Australia have been activated for the study. As of August 2023, 52 patients, constituting 25% of the target population, have been successfully enrolled.

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